Art and Me


My Role: Providing content strategy support (blogging) and creating mockups to improve the voice and branding for the MVP ArtandMe e-commerce platform.

Site’s Goal: Create a commission-free platform for artists to sell their art.

Tools: Google Docs, Trello, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Adobe Stock

Project Page: Art and Me

Team Members: 

  • Keith Williams / Growth Program Manager at Facebook
  • Meng He / Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Artist
  • Nicole W. / Content Marketer
  • Francesco H. / Front-End Web Development
  • Jess Chua / UX Design + Content Writing

1. Content Writing Samples

The team shared ideas on the group Trello board with regard to content strategy.

Some of the articles I wrote include:

2. UX Design

After some brainstorming and iterations with the team, I selected a watercolor theme for the website to reflect the artistic appeal of the platform.

The watercolors have a dreamy and inspiring vibe that aligns with Art and Me’s commitment to the well-being of artists.

Selection of slim, watercolor-themed headers for individual artist profiles.

Watercolor header for Discover Art page.