Care Association


Care Association, San Francisco

Role: UX Design / Prototyping

Tools: Google Docs, Adobe XD, and InVision

Creating clickable wireframes for the Care For Us web platform.

The site’s goal is to provide a secure way to meet the needs of people who struggle to maintain basic necessities such as housing, utilities, and access to healthy food.

What I learned from this assignment includes:

  • Maintaining the scroll position in InVision to maintain consistency with screen redirects.
  • Improving interactivity with the overlay feature.
  • Working with key information from a thorough business plan.
  • Selecting realistic assets to help avoid confusion when presenting the clickable wireframes.
  • Using pen and paper to consolidate ideas and quickly iterate on solutions.

Company Pages: Website | LinkedIn

* Work is under NDA

The Team: 

  • Kiai Kim / President
  • Jess Chua / UX Designer