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My GitHub Profile: fanatiicx

I first tried out GitHub a few years ago and found it complicated.

This time around, I put in more effort as I was keen to:

  1. Improve my technical writing skills
  2. Get more involved in a few open source projects

I made my first contribution to GitHub by following the steps laid out by the helpful team at First Timers Only.

I first landed on the Simple Icons project because of my interest in design. My first contribution was a pull request for the Spond icon (#5995). I also shared links to beginner resources for members who wanted to make their first pull request.

DX Heroes was another project I was drawn to. The site stores a knowledge base of articles related to developer experience. My first contribution (pending) was a pull request for writing an article about test cards (#154).

I also shared some Cloudflare and WordPress troubleshooting tips in a blog post. This process helped me to refine my problem-solving techniques and critical thinking skills.


What I have learned so far includes:

  • Studying detailed contributing guidelines to understand what each project is seeking in terms of quality and content.
  • Outlining and writing easy-to-understand online developer experience articles.
  • Communicating with developers for clarification.
  • Improving my troubleshooting skills with the software used for Simple Icons (I used Inkscape).
  • Maintaining a positive sense of teamwork (e.g. remembering to thank developers, maintainers, or members for sharing helpful tips to specific requests).

Project Pages

Links to the open source projects I’ve contributed to, or would like to contribute to soon.

Simple Icons: GitHub | Website

DX Heroes – Knowledge Base: GitHub | Website

The Alan Turing Institute – Citizen Science Platform: GitHub | Website

Troubleshooting Cloudflare and WordPress: Blog Post