Professional Bio

Jess Chua: Content Specialist


I am a content specialist living in Southwest Florida.

I created my first website back in the late 1990s (a dragon website).

After several twists and turns in my career path, I came to realize that writing is how I blend my passion for creativity and problem-solving. I strive to be results oriented, through consistently observing and listening in order to provide meaningful improvements.

Anything related to thoughtful communication, UX writing and design, processes and documentation piques my interest. I have been known to be intense and obsessive when it comes to research and analysis.

I was an English/Business interdisciplinary studies major and earned a Writing in the Sciences certificate from Stanford University via Coursera. I identify as a wordsmith and digital native.



I grew up in Singapore (about 85 miles north of the Equator). I lived in Northeast Maine (cold winters) for most of my twenties, and now live in a little town in Southwest Florida (hot summers!).


Click here to view my resume.


I occasionally write short stories and picked up a Musepaper award for one of my cathartic essays.


I’m blogging for fun and self-expression nowadays after many years of SEO-heavy niche blogging.

My three websites are:

  1. JessChua.com (this site, where I may try a paid newsletter option at some point)
  2. Dragonsinn.net (dragon website created in 1999)
  3. SG Blog (socio-political blog and book reviews on Singapore)


I am on LinkedIn.

I’ve cut down my social media usage in order to spend more time on print books and other interests.

If you’d like to chat about similar interests, send me an email!

Creative Bio

Jess Chua: Short Story Writer

Some nights, I write horror short stories.

Edgar Allan Poe was my gateway to fantastic literature.

To learn more about my creative side, here are 12 random facts about me.


Some of My Favorite Stories

EDGAR ALLAN POE – MS. Found in a Bottle.

DAMIEN SIN – Singapore Horror Stories.

J.G. BALLARD – Vermilion Sands.

ALDOUS HUXLEY – Brave New World.

STEPHEN KING – Pet Sematary.

SHIRLEY JACKSON – The Lottery and The Possibility of Evil.


“A writer should have the precision of a poet and the imagination of a scientist.”

Vladimir Nabokov