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Selection of sketches, an exercise which helps me to improve my visual skills for online visual content.

About the Project: I sketch occasionally as an outlet for self-expression and to improve my visual skills.


  • My preferred sketching tools: ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, and pigment liners.
  • This hobby improves my visual skills when it comes to text layout and creating effective social media graphics.

I started sketching when I was 16 years old. I enjoy using mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, and pigment liners because of their precision.

Sketching continues to be an outlet for self-expression. It is a diligent practice that helps me to improve my visual skills (which comes in handy with social media graphics and website visual design).

This is a selection of sketches I’ve done over the years, mostly from 2003 – 2018.

I intend to do more bird drawings in future as they are my favorite subject.

Blue Jay. Pencil. May 2005.

Kingfisher. Ballpoint Pen. 2017.
Moth. Sketch Pen.

Reference Pic: Lisa from Black Pink (K-Pop girl band)

Sunflower ballpoint sketch with PS filter.
John Ruskin’s “The Elements of Drawing” is an old and very academic book. It was the best drawing book I ever read and learned from 😀

Plant copy drawing exercise from “The Elements of Drawing.” The (unfinished) pencil version on the right was done in 2008; the blue pen version in the back was done in 2018.


Edgar Allan Poe pencil portrait. 2016.


Reference Pic: Rose from Black Pink (K-Pop girl band)


Reference Pic: Lisa from Black Pink (K-Pop girl band)

english countryside sketch

English Countryside, ballpoint pen. 2017.


Sketch of Ninja Kawasaki bike. Pilot gel pen with PS filter.

BONUS: Daily Logo / Icon Challenge


In 2018, I took part in the daily icon challenge and completed the 50-day daily logo challenge to improve my visual and digital art skills.

Sample of logos and icons created on Illustrator.