UNDP + Swedish EPA


UNDP and Swedish EPA

Role: Copyediting / Proofreading

Tools: Google Docs, Zoom

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations Development Programme launched the Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) for Sustainable Natural Resource Management in 2014, with a focus on the mining sector.

My task was to review 20 stories prepared by the Young Environmental Journalists who participated in the 2020 edition of the campaign. Each story had an average length of 1,100 words.

I enjoyed contributing towards both the youth and environmental sectors through this project.

What I learned from this assignment includes:

  • Listening and taking down thorough notes to provide revisions and suggestions based on substantive feedback from campaign organizers.
  • Establishing file naming conventions in the joint Dropbox folder for ease in locating original and edited files.
  • Giving detailed suggestions on how to enhance articles without losing the voice of the original writers.
  • Learning about the project finalization process involving multiple countries and institutions.
  • Clarity with differentiating between academic vs. modern journalism writing styles and being discerning of writing styles according to publication guidelines.

Organization Pages: Website (EGP) | UNDP | Swedish EPA

* Work is currently being finalized.

The Team (copyediting stage): 

  • Francisco Filho, Communications Consultant, Environmental Governance Programme (EGP)
  • Viktor Andréen, Policy Advisor, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Jess Chua / Copyeditor