Jess Chua: content specialist and award-winning writer/artist. Passionate about UX, writing, and design.

1. UNDP + Swedish EPA


UNDP and Swedish EPA


Role: Copyediting / Proofreading

Tools: Google Docs, Zoom

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the UNDP launched the Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) for Sustainable Natural Resource Management in 2014.

My task was to review 20 stories prepared by the Young Environmental Journalists who participated in the 2020 campaign. I enjoyed contributing towards both the youth and environmental sectors through this project.

What I learned includes:

  • Listening and taking down thorough notes to provide revisions based on substantive organizer feedback.
  • Establishing file naming conventions in Dropbox for ease in locating files.
  • Giving detailed suggestions on how to enhance articles without losing the voice of the original writers.
  • Clarity with differentiating between academic vs. modern journalism writing styles and being discerning of writing styles according to publication guidelines.

Organization Pages: Website (EGP) | UNDP | Swedish EPA

* Work is currently being finalized.

The Team (copyediting stage): 

  • Francisco Filho, Communications Consultant, Environmental Governance Programme (EGP)
  • Viktor Andréen, Policy Advisor, Swedish EPA
  • Jess Chua / Copyeditor

2. at DMWF


My Role: Design marketing collateral like flyers, pitch decks, and pull-up banners for a start-up in the B2B gaming/advertising industry.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Slides, Slack, Trello

* Work is under NDA

Material was created for the Digital Marketing World Forum (#DMWF) 2018 event in NYC.

The display was a success as important contacts were made during the expo.

A big event banner I worked on

What I learned includes:

  • Optimizing content and layout to tell a story.
  • Keeping a pull-up banner simple through concise text focused on the key message.
  • Breaking down information into logical chunks for pitch decks.

3. Art and Me



My Role: Providing content strategy support (blogging) and creating mockups to improve the voice and branding for the MVP ArtandMe e-commerce platform.

Site’s Goal: Create a commission-free platform for artists to sell their art.

Tools: Google Docs, Trello, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Adobe Stock

Team Members: 

  • Keith Williams / Growth Program Manager at Facebook
  • Meng He / Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Artist
  • Nicole W. / Content Marketer
  • Francesco H. / Front-End Web Development
  • Jess Chua / UX Design + Content Writing

The team shared ideas on the group Trello board with regard to content strategy.

After some brainstorming and iterations with the team, I selected a watercolor theme for the website to reflect the artistic appeal of the platform.

The watercolors have a dreamy and inspiring vibe that aligns with Art and Me’s commitment to the well-being of artists.

Selection of slim, watercolor-themed headers for individual artist profiles.

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